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No child with cancer should perish because life-saving information was not available to his or her parents and caregivers. Our Mission: To help parents get involved and be proactive in order to improve their child’s chances of survival. To make life-saving information easily accessible.


Building this information portal, processing the information we collect, being in touch with our community, maintaining this website and helping families in need requires resources. Please help us stay independent by making a donation to MyChild’sCancer.

Watch Testimonials

Through our testimonials, you can watch video interviews and read about the personal experience of others, as well as comment, add information or share your own experience with others. This is where parents can find and offer support from and to other parents, dealing with the same rare cancer.

Help a Family

Occasionally, when families find that the best doctor for their specific circumstances is abroad, they may relocate in order to offer their child the best chance at winning this thing; and that’s when we leverage our network of local communities, assisting our families with a ‘soft landing pad’ support.

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