Thank you for moving us toward our goal!

Friends and Supporters!

This past year alone, MCC has helped 30 children and their families relocate and find life-saving treatment. And we’ve helped over 150 families since our founding in 2010. But there are so many more families out there that need our help – your help.

Looking ahead, our next Annual Appeal will take place in September, which fittingly is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Our goal by the end of this year (2019) is $150,000. This money will help 50 families (a record annual number for MCC!) find treatment in the US and will support new programs in Israel.

But don’t wait for our Annual Appeal, we need your help right now. Join our fight against childhood cancer by giving today. Your gift can save a child’s life!


Thank you,

MCC Board of Directors

How Your Donation Helps

Where the money goes

It costs about $3,000 to provide our services to one family. Much of this money goes to personalized research, patient advocacy, and family support services. We spend as little as possible on overhead expenses (5%). A large portion of the work we do is performed by volunteers.

About the chart

The chart above does not reflect the many hours our volunteers devote to helping each family. Relocation assistance and family support account for nearly 50% of our activities. Because most of these critical services are provided by dedicated volunteers, MCC spends very little money to deliver them. This enables us to devote precious revenue to personalized research and patient advocacy for families—services that must be performed by trained and knowledgable professionals.