The Most Important Weapon Against Childhood Cancer is Knowledge

This is what we provide parents and caregivers

Our Vision

No child with cancer should perish because life-saving information was not available to his or her parents and caregivers. Our Mission is to make life-saving information easily accessible.


We arm parents and caregivers with a powerful weapon in their battle against cancer – knowledge. Since 2010, MCC has helped over 150 families fight childhood cancer. Unfortunately, this is just a small percentage of the families who need our help – your help. Please help us reach more families. Your gift can save a child’s life!

Watch Testimonials

Through our testimonials, you can watch video interviews and read about the personal experience of others, as well as comment, add information or share your own experience with others. This is where parents can find and offer support from and to other parents, dealing with the same rare cancer.

Help a Family

Most of our critical services are provided by a dedicated group of volunteers. We simply couldn’t offer the many services we do if it weren’t for these amazing people. If you or someone you know would like to help a family, please fill out one of our volunteer application forms.




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