What we do

Oded's Story

MyChild’sCancer (MCC) was founded in 2010 by Oded Grinstein following his family’s long struggle against childhood cancer.

His daughter, Shani, was only nine months old when she was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive type of sarcoma. Oded struggled to find information about the cancer that threatened his daughter’s life. Shani was fortunate enough to be admitted for treatment to one of the Israel’s leading hospitals, but the doctors there – experienced as they were – had never treated this specific type of cancer. The family eventually had to move from Israel to the United States to find the right doctor to treat Shani.

Shani endured dozens of chemotherapy cycles, radiation therapy, and two surgeries but, thankfully, she is now cancer-free. Today, she is a happy, healthy ten-year-old who loves to play soccer.

The moment Shani fully recovered and her long, painful struggle was over, Oded vowed to help other families who have just begun their fight against childhood cancer.

Read more about Shani and watch Oded talk about the family’s struggle to find the right treatment for her.

Our Work

Childhood cancer is very rare but because of this, parents and caregivers often struggle to find information that could save their child’s life.

MCC provides families fighting cancer with the life-saving answers they need. Our team of cancer experts, medical researchers, and Oncologists conduct personalized research into cancer type, treatment methodologies, new drugs, specialists, hospitals, and emerging clinical trials.

As family advocates, we conduct continual outreach to relevant national and international treatment centers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and insurance providers in order to ensure our families get the best care possible.

MCC facilitates second options, joins families on medical visits, works with health care providers, translates medical documents if necessary, negotiates medical bills, and straightens out insurance issues.

Our goal is to ensure that parents and caregivers are informed, supported, and can focus on the needs of their child.

Our Programs

Treatment Research

MCC’s staff and volunteers include medical researchers and oncologists with a deep understanding of pediatric cancers, and access to information on treatments, procedures, clinical trials, and medical experts. Our team of cancer experts provides situational, personalized treatment research. Our work connects families find the right course of treatment for their child.

Patient Advocacy

MCC conducts outreach to relevant treatment centers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and insurance providers in order to ensure our families get the best care possible. Our team translates “doctor speak” and medical documents, if necessary, into native languages. We facilitate second opinions and negotiate medical bills. Our patient advocacy work empowers families to be proactive about the treatment course for their child’s cancer and this significantly improves their child’s chances of survival.