Understanding Retinoblastoma (Video).

In this video, she gives a brief review (3:34 minutes) of Retinoblastoma from diagnosis to treatment in a very clear and general way. We recommend you to watch this video for a general understanding of the disease. Some parents, while going through the process like to review the information to increase their knowledge and understand again some details, also to share with family and friends in order to generate awareness.

Carol L. Shields, MD, Co-Director of the Wills Eye Oncology Service in Philadelphia, is one of the most influential and experienced doctors in the field of Retinoblastoma, some parents from around the world had recommended her as a great doctor in the treatment of Retinoblastoma.

If you are suspecting that your child has Retinoblastoma, and this is your first contact with this information,  you can follow her advice: Visit your local pediatrician.