Join Our Board

MCC is seeking a diverse and exceptional group of professionals, business or foundation executives, medical professionals, mental health professionals, attorneys, educators, or community leaders to fill out its Board of Directors.

Candidates must have some familiarity with Israeli and/or American Jewish Community/Culture and a passionate commitment to our work and mission. Candidates should have strong leadership and interpersonal skills, patience, good humor, and must be able to participate in and sustain collaborative group efforts.

Experience serving on a nonprofit Board is helpful but not required. Medical or research professionals, particularly those within in the field of pediatric cancer research and/or treatment, are highly sought. Survivors or those who have been affected by pediatric cancer or adult cancer are also highly sought.

The Board of Directors for MCC serves as ambassadors and advocates for the organization and champions of its mission and vision. Board Directors serve two-year terms and are expected to commit to committee service and to attend special meetings. As ambassadors of MCC, attendance at fundraising and other special events is anticipated.

Board term is two (2) years without terms limits. Board orientation is provided.

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Essential Functions


The Board supports the philanthropic goals of the organization. Members act in a manner that contributes to the effective operation of the Board, and work with fellow members, volunteers, and staff to assure that the organization functions wel


The Board is responsible for ensuring MCC is fiscally sound and sustainable. In order to do this, the Board exercises prudence and sound fiscal practices in the control and transfer of organizational funds.


The Board plays a leadership role in fund development for the organization. In addition to providing an annual gift, members identify potential funding sources and serve a key role in securing mission-critical funding.

Succession Planning

Each member of the Board supports the stewardship, relationship building and cultivation of new members.o.