Cancer Localisation: Liver
Diagnostic method: Blood test, MRI scan, PET/CT scan
Treatment: Chemotherapy, Surgery

HepatoBlastoma in a nutshell

Hepatoblastoma is a solid tumor cancer of the liver. This primary liver tumor which accounts for half of all liver tumors in children is rare with approximately 50 to 70 new cases diagnosed in the United States each year. It occurs slightly more often in boys than girls.

Parents who have been there would also tell you these things you should know;

The good news are that the liver is the only internal organ in the body that can rebuild itself completely. Therefore, in case the tumor in the liver has ampel ‘clean borders’ (i.e. cancer-free tissues) around it, in most cases it will be possible to remove the tumor with clean borders and the liver will rebuild and repair itself. That is why young HepatoBlastoma patients without metastatic tumors have a higher chances of recovery depending on the success of the surgery. Your key to a successful recovery is a GOOD SURGENT.

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