Help a Family

Many of the critical services MCC provides children and families fighting childhood cancer are provided by a dedicated group of volunteers. We simply couldn’t offer the many services we do if it weren’t for these amazing people.

Our families have a broad range of needs and may require a long-term commitment from a volunteer. MCC volunteers need to be flexible and dedicated. If you or someone you know would like to help a family, please fill out one of our volunteer application forms.

MCC Volunteer

MCC is a small organization and is therefore highly dependent on the work of volunteers. We have no full-time staff. MCC Volunteers may be assigned a variety of tasks to support the children and families we serve.

Family Coordinators

Often, a family will relocate to the U.S to find life-saving treatment for their child. This treatment could last a few days or a few months – or even longer.

The family is uprooted from their home and must cope not only with the stress and hardship of their child’s illness, but must also adjust to life in a foreign country: a language barrier, a new culture, and a medical system they do not understand. The family finds itself thousands of miles from relatives and friends and may have no support system at all.

Through the work of Family Coordinators, MCC strives to provide a supportive community to families relocating for treatment. We help make a difficult adjustment as comfortable as possible by supporting them for the length of their stay.

Family Coordinators are a very special category of volunteer. They serve as a liaison between MCC snd the families we serve. They work very closely with families, assessing their needs and connecting them to important services. The needs of our families vary so FC’s need to be flexible and committed.

If you’re interested in being a Family Coordinator, please fill out the application form.