Families center

In this page you can watch video interviews and read about the personal experience of others, as well as comment, add information or share your own experience with others. This is where parents can find and offer support from and to other parents from other countries.

As part of the testimonials on this page, parents share valuable tips that can make a difference to a daily routine (such as how to deal with Nausea) and even life saving topics (when to harvest as much bone marrow as possible).

We are family members, friends and parents of children with cancer. Every parent in our community can ask to be connected to a fellow parent to discuss and consult about specific issues, such as choosing between treatment options, identifying the best doctors, getting a second opinions, managing daily challenges etc. If you saw a testimonial on our website and would like to contact the parent who shared his/her story to ask a questions or receive more information, please contact us.

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