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Ependymoma Name: Ependymoma Childhood Cancer Name: Ependymoma, Main types of Ependymoma: Ependymoma is a class of tumor that occurs in the brain or spinal cord. It includes different subtypes and grades. It is the third most common type of childhood brain tumor. Subependymomas (grade I): Typically slow-growing tumors. Myxopapillary ependymomas (grade I):┬áTypically slow-growing tumors. Ependymomas  … Read more

Brain Tumors

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Cancer Localisation: Brain , Eye Treatment: Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery Brain Tumors in a nutshell: Brain tumors are the second most common type of cancers in children, after Leukemia. The brain is part of the Nervous System which also includes the eye (Retina) and the main nervous system (Sympathetic Nervous System). There are about a dozen  … Read more