About mice and cancer-treatment.


This link is to an article that Suzie Siegel wrote about the upcoming clinical trial using mice to help doctors choose the right treatment for someone with advanced soft-tissue sarcoma:  http://sarcomaalliance.blogspot.com/
Cancer treatments have been tested on mice for years.Now a new technology uses mice to determine which treatments may best fight an individual patient’s sarcoma.

The TumorGraft technology “provides options for patients in difficult situations when, often as doctors, we are not sure how to treat people”, said medical oncologist Justin Stebbing, a professor of cancer medicine and oncology at London’s Imperial College. “In doing so, it advances the frontiers of science and medicine, but in a practical way, giving clinicians information on treatment choices  “what is likely to work, and as importantly, what is likely to not work.”


Posted: May 2015