When technology meets cancer.

Technology is bringing progress and new capabilities to cancer research and treatment.

New technology allows doctors and medical staff to provide a better and more accurate treatment, starting with new diagnosis and scanning machines and all the way through long-term post-cancer treatment follow up.

Today I would like to point out a different angle for how technology can help fight cancer, which is the device I am currently using to dictate this blog. Believe it or not, the iPhone didn’t exist just eight years ago. The fact that today almost everyone has a smartphone brings the latest and greatest in technology to the palm of your hand, wherever you are and whenever you need it! And as awesome as it is, that’s not even the best part; technology today allows you to become part of the conversation and actively contribute information and share your thoughts.

By using this global access to technology we can share information more easily and pass knowledge from one end of the globe to the other, with just the tap of the finger and within a few minutes. And that’s how the life-saving knowledge from an experienced mother in one end of the globe could help a young father, dealing with the same type of cancer, on the other side of the continent. By documenting knowledge and uploading it to the Internet we can take valuable insights, hidden in people’s heads, and make it available to hundreds of other parents all over the world allowing them to learn in minutes something that would otherwise take them months and perhaps even months of suffering for their child to learn otherwise.

This is what we do at MyChild’sCancer; by leveraging the accessibility to the Internet and by using today’s latest technologies to record, analyze, edit and process the information we are building the world’s first information portal for childhood cancer. The type of information you can’t find on Google, created by parents for parents.

Do you have information to share with other parents?  contact us.