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Personalized medicine for brain tumors.

By Joyce Vazq,

The Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC) is a network of more than 20 children’s hospitals that conduct clinical trials of new therapies for children with brain tumors with the mission to identify personalized treatment challenges. PNOC was formed to provide children with brain tumors access to individual and personalized treatment based on the molecular biology  … Read more

More about Neuroendocrine Tumors…

By Joyce Vazq,

Many patients diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor claimed that this video helped them to learn and understand deeply about their condition. For this reason, we want to share with you this lecture about Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) from the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust given by Dr. Christos Toumpanakis and Jorge Garcia-Hernandez. Eventhoug is not specifically  … Read more

About Experimental Therapies.

By Joyce Vazq,

In this video, researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia talk about experimental therapy for pediatric cancer and why it is important to consider these types of therapies at an early stage of the treatment. If your kid was diagnosed with a rare or aggressive type of cancer it is important to consider more than  … Read more

Understanding Retinoblastoma (Video).

By Joyce Vazq,

In this video, she gives a brief review (3:34 minutes) of Retinoblastoma from diagnosis to treatment in a very clear and general way. We recommend you to watch this video for a general understanding of the disease. Some parents, while going through the process like to review the information to increase their knowledge and understand again some details,  … Read more

Top Sarcoma Centers in the US

By Shadmit,

Top 4 sarcoma centers in the U.S are:   MD Anderson in Houston; Dana Farber in Boston; Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City;  Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. For more top sarcoma centers:

Recommended Sarcoma centers around the world

By Super User,

Here is a link to a list of recommended medical centers around the world, a part of the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma innitiative. The Initiative increased public awareness of sarcoma, raised funds to award research grants, and provided support and timely information to sarcoma patients, their families, and medical professionals.    

MassGeneral Hospital for Children (Boston)

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Massachusetts General Hospital‘s canccer center (Boston, U.S) is one of the leading cancer centers in the U.S, and is one of only a few hospitals on the east coast which offers Proton-therapy for children:

Procure – Proton Therapy Center (USA)

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Procure is a center specializes in Proton therapy. They have several locations in the U.S.A. Additional information can be found in their website:

Dana Dwek (“Ichilov”), Tel Aviv, Israel

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Dana Dwek Children’s Hospital (at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center), Tel Aviv, Israel Pediatric Hemato-oncology Department at Dana’s Children Hospital specialize in Pediatric bone marrow transplantations. They perform a full array of bone marrow transplants (BMT) for children, sourced by self-donated (autologous) marrow and peripheral blood donations and donations from a related or unrelated donor (allogeneic).