[ENDED] The Saban Family (NJ)

Lee-Ann Saban (8 years old) is fighting cancer since early this year. Lee-Ann came to Somerset with her parents (Inbal and Oren) and her sister (Shani, 12) to receive radiation therapy treatment at Procure Center in Somerset NJ, and Chemotherapy at St. Peter’s hospital in New Brunswick NJ. The family will stay here a couple of months, starting July 14th 2015.

Originally from the city of Haifa in Israel, Lee-Ann loves to play paint and arts and crafts. Both sisters LOVE anything that has to do with fashion, styling, design etc.

MyChild’sCancer, in cooperation with “Circle of Hope” (run by Chabad in Hillsborough), would like to invite our communities to support our families. If you would like to get involved, here are a few things you can do:

Update: Upon completing Lee-Ann’s radiation treatment in NJ, the family has returned to Israel last week to continue with her cancer treatment in Israel. A few more months will be needed to estimate the effectiveness of treatment received here in the U.S. however his doctors are very optimistic.

We are glad to say that despite the hurdles of the treatment, the family was able to enjoy most of their free time here, largely thanks to the amazing support from the local community. Lee-Ann and her parents were moved by it and said that it made a big difference in their lives at such challenging times. They are forever grateful for all the love and support they have received.

On behalf of the Saban family, MyChild’sCancer would like to send a big THANK YOU to all our supporters.

May you always be on the giving side.

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2015