Hepatoblastoma: Get the best surgeon!

In HepatoBlastoma, when not metastasize, a good surgeon is a key factor for a full recovery.

The liver is the only internal organ in the body that can rebuild itself completely. Therefore in case the tumor in the liver has ample ‘clean borders’ (i.e. cancer-free tissues) around it, in most cases it will be possible to remove the tumor with clean borders and the liver will rebuild and repair itself. That is why young HepatoBlastoma patients without metastatic tumors have a higher chances of recovery depending on the success of the surgery.

According to Dr. Jean Emond from Columbia University Medical Center in NY, it takes only 15% of healthy liver tissue to allow a successful recovery of the liver from surgery. Therefore before going for a liver transplant, we recomend you check the surgical option.

All this leads to one conclusion: when dealing with liver cancer, consult with a GOOD SURGEON. He may hold your key to recovery.