support group for Childhood-cancer survivors

Join the Pediatric Oncology Survivors

POS was founded in September of 2000 by a parent of a survivor of an adolescent cancer and a long term survivor of an adolescent cancer. POS is intended for parents/family members of survivors who are off treatment for any type of childhood cancer. In POS, we discuss all aspects of survivorship, and share ideas, information, and support.

Parents, siblings, and survivors of childhood/adolescent cancer face unique challenges. The effects and consequences of a life threatening illness on family, siblings and marriage are many. Some parents may find that these concerns do not abate post-treatment. Parents and survivors may face social challenges (school, insurance and eventually employment), some will have emotional challenges (depression and anxiety post treatment), and some parents will be concerned about late effects and ongoing health problems related to treatment. This discussion group addresses the unique needs of parents, the family and survivors.