Share your story

MyChild’sCancer is offering detailed and informative information about childhood cancers, from parents to parents directly. Unlike other websites and Facebook groups, we focus on Relevant Information and Unique Knowledge rather then sharing hardship or a community discussion.

If you were affected by pediatric cancer, we invite you to share your story in an informative way in order to allow other parents to benefit from your experience. The best way to do so is by recording an interview and answering general as well as specific questions. We will have a structured conversation which we can then transcribe, tag and categorize for it to be searchable on the web (we invest a lot in our interviews!)
Remember: While sharing your story may take an hour of your time, it can save weeks and months and maybe even lives of others.

Here are 4 simple ways for us to have a recorded conversation:

  • Face 2 face (Best quality)
    Contact us to see if any of our volunteers is in your area and can meet with you for a recorded conversation in front of a camcorder (HD video recorder). No need for you to prepare for such a conversation.
  • Online interview (Good Quality)
    Using Vidyo’s technology we can interview you via an online session. All you need is a webcam (PC / tablet / smartphone) and a good WiFi connection.
  • Selfie (Fair quality)
    Record yourself with your webcam (PC / tablet / smartphone) and upload it to YouTube. Preferably with one of our volunteers on the phone to conduct the interview.
    *Please note that for video recording of any kind requires being in a quiet room, facing a window or a light source, speaking loud and clear.
  • Phone call
    Contact us in order to set up a phone-interview. We will provide a local toll-free number for the interview.

While English is the preferred language for our interviews, we accept any language and welcome stories from all over the world.

You Should Know

  1. MyChild’sCancer will not upload any negative information on doctors or hospitals. We all have our bad experiences during the long and hard treatment however here we try to focus on constructive information and advice.
  2. All interviews will be screened and edited by our team before uploaded to the web.
  3. After editing and before publishing we will ask for your written approval via email in order to upload the final version of your story.

Questions? Contact us