Search and stay up to date

Using GoldenFeeds innovative search engine we enable our parents to stay updated with information about their child’s specific type of cancer.

Here is how it works:

  1. Parents can submit specific terms to be searched by GoldenFeeds search engine. 
  2. After a few days you will receive an Excel file with the first 150 results from the web (same as if you would search Google)
  3. Go over the list and highlight only the sources which you find most trustable and relevant to you.
  4. Send us back the filtered list and GoldenFeeds will now search, every week, just the selected websites which you highlighted as most important.
  5. Once a week we will upload the search results (for your selected list of websites) here on this page. By an easy comparison you will be able to track right away any new pages on the web about the type of cancer you are dealing with.

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This service is sponsored by GoldenFeeds at no cost for our community.