Our Sponsors

Thanks to all our cooperate sponsors. We couldn’t do the important work we do without your generous support.

Communicate when you want, where you want, and how you want. Phone.com provides smart phone services, globally. Our free dial-in number which you can find on our website is an in-kind donation by the company.

Clicktale are converting Behaviour to Business. ClickTale provides user analysis services. They are helping us make our website more user friendly. Clicktale is converting Behaviour to Business

Viewbix Turns your videos into social ads. Viewbix is an interactive video player that increases measurable ROI from your Facebook and Twitter video ads.

Viewbix helps us turn our parents testimonials into a more engaging and user friendly videos.

RankAbove’s end-to-end search engine optimization (SEO) platform enables online businesses to increase visibility – and profits – from organic search. The RankAbove platform facilitates immense tracking capabilities and clear, prioritized tasks for site optimization in real time and any language.
RankAbove help us turn our website to a more discoverable one, so parents who need our services can find us more easily.

The most unbelievable attraction in NYC!
‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’ Times Square is an official sponsor of MyChild’sCancer by automatically granting access, free of charge, to families being helped by the organization in the NY/NJ area.”

The worldwide fastest growing product feed service. GoldenFeeds service enables retailers to increase their online sales by providing the most fresh and accurate product information to publishers and search engines.
GoldenFeeds technology constantly scans the internet and provide our families free alerts whenever new information about their child’s cancer becomes publicly available.

Ingredients you can see & pronounce.
KIND snacks has been providing healthy snacks to our families to support their speedy recovery.

Want to help?

MyChildsCncer is an organization operating on a shoestring budget, with the help of the kind and generous people and companies around us. If you would like to be a part of it, Contact us


Much of our Non-Profit is run by the time and funds of our team and volunteers. Every dollar helps with providing a more solid help to the families getting treatment as well we the documentation of interviews.