On being brave.

Having your child sick is a very scary thing, in this Video Smara and her family shares a very deep story about their journey after being diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. It started with a bump on her leg that her mom detected during a bath, she underwent to 47 weeks of chemotherapy and an amputation. For them, community support was a huge difference, donĀ“t be afraid to ask for help, you are never alone and there are tons of families and friends that can guide you through this process.

Smara teaches us a great lesson about Being brave: ” You might think that being brave is doing something that’s really hard but it’s not…, it’s being scared but you do it anyway”

More about Chain Lifeline: Chai Lifeline was a community-based summer camp program for children with cancer and today is one of the preeminent international health support networks supporting seriously ill children, their families, and communities with emotional, social, psychological, and financial assistance to families living with pediatric illness or loss.