Natalie’s Story.

“Everyday brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes and Dance”, said Oprah Winfrey. For the little dancer in Natalie Gorsegner, this quote describes her battle with cancer all too well. At two and half years old, Natalie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

Here is Natalie:


The magazine Parents shared a special video called “What is really like to have a child with cancer”  where Natalie´s mom narrated their heart touching story. Reminding us how important is to keep a positive and peaceful attitude in order to help our children to cope better with the situation. When a kid is diagnosed with cancer it affects all the family, it is very important to stay together and to look for the bright side. Stories from other families are here to let you know you are not alone.

“I waited for the test results and then like a scene out of a movie, I saw a small team of people approaching, one with tears in her eyes. An oncologist told me the news. Your daughter has leukemia”, said Andrea Verdone Gorsegner, Natalie’s Mother.

Living through cancer can be quite an ugly, intense experience and along came Natalie’s difficult moments too, like having the port in her chest, her tubie and also her belly protruding to a point which made her uncomfortable wearing shirts. “Whenever Natalie is struggling later in life, I want her to look back and remember her experiences so she can get through anything”, said Andrea.

It is difficult for a 3 year old child like Natalie to understand the severity of the disease but soon she also took up the treatment to be a part of her daily routine. Cancer made Natalie a superhero for so many of us as she learnt to take things in her stride.

“ Having a child with cancer just changes you forever. You look at the simple moments and appreciate them more. I want all children, including Natalie, to be able to climb trees until they can climb them with their own kids”, said Natalie’s mother Andrea.

Do you feel identify with some of these feelings or thoughts?

Natalie is cancer free now, and the family is still committed to raising money to fund cancer research:


We recommend you to look out for support groups and other parents with experience, they can help you manage difficult situations, my child´s cancer is here to support you, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

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