Know everything you can about your child’s disease

parents tips about childhood cancer

Learning about your child’s disease is important for a couple of reasons:

  1. You want to be able to have a meaningful conversation with your doctor and to be able to ask the right questions.
  2. Even the best doctor can not know all the new things that are happenning around the world in regards to your child’s disease.
  3. Your child’s cancer may respond differently then other children to the same treatment protocol.

As parents we may never know as much as the doctors, but we must know enough to ask the right questions and understand the answers, in order to negotiate the best treatment for our child. You, the parent, are the most passionate in this world about your child’s life. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure all options are considered and that doctors look into and discuss with you options that are out of their normal course of action.

If you can not learn about your child’s disease (time, language etc.) ask a family member or a friend to do it for you and preferably have him/her attend the meetings with the doctors.