Childhood Cancer Basics


MyChild’sCancer is here for you.
We are a group of parents which offer knowledge and experience to you, fellow parent, who have just started your journey in the pediatric cancer world.

If your child was recently diagnosed with cancer, you have started a long journey. Here you can find testimonials, tips and ‘inside information’ from other parents. If needed we can also try to connect you with a fellow parent who has recently been through this ordeal, with exactly the same type of cancer and very similar questions. Our outreach expends to different countries from accross the globe.

We are here at your service with priceless knowledge and a free advice, which will for sure help you cope with your inevitable uncertainties and dilemmas, and may even help save your child’s life.

Remember: YOU the guardian CAN make a difference by being involved. LEARN from the testimonials on this website. If you can find what you are looking for please contact us. Just by knowing which questions you should ask your doctor may give you the power to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN that otherwise would not have.

The members of this community are all volunteers. There is no financial profit involved in this activity and we are not commited to any third party.


Disclaimer and important notice

Any information you find in this website or testimonials is based on the subjective opinions and experience of others. We are NOT doctors. You should always consult a doctor before making any decisions which may affect treatment.